Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tribute: Helen Louise Acker Edwards 1921-2016

Helen has been a part of my life since 1986.

She was the best Mother-in-Law I could EVER dream to ask for and also a wonderful grandmother and great grandmother to my children and grandchildren. 

I loved her!

I loved how she and Harry accepted 5 year-old Emily and I into their hearts when I met and later married their son, Vince. Emily immediately became a beloved granddaughter; something she cherishes to this day. 
I loved Helen's creativity – She was always making something from doll clothes, to rag rugs, to stuffed animals, to small paintings of things she enjoyed.
I loved her joyfulness – She always had a ready laugh.
I loved her mischievousness (especially when paired with husband, Harry!) – Ask the kids how many ways they unwrapped their Christmas money over the years!
I loved her resourcefulness – Once they were stranded for a week during an ice storm without electricity. (Click on ice storm for that story!) Harry had to return to his non-motorized wheelchair which was a true hardship on the couple in their 80’s. I wanted to find a way to rescue them and find a place for them to stay for a few days but they took it all in stride. They spent their days playing cards next to the fireplace, covered in blankets for extra warmth, as the temperature inside their house plummeted into the 40’s. They ate dinner every night that week cooked in a coffee can she placed in the coals of the fire!
I loved her fun loving take on life. – When they took Brittany for her hospital visit once, the giant stuffed lion had to come along! It got its own wheelchair ride; following Brittany up to the children’s ward!

Her ways were something I enjoyed immensely!
When I lost my own mother, she stepped in to help fill in a little of the void left in my life.
When my husband, their only son died, they made sure I knew I would always be part of their family.
A few years later we found ourselves in the same club; the “Widow’s Club.” We laughed, cried, and shared. We shared our dreams, worries and secret thoughts surrounding the
I will truly miss having her around but I know we'll laugh together again someday.

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