Monday, August 27, 2018

Part 2: Mårten Olasson,Ola and Måtta’s son from around Ystad (Håkansson – Hawkinson family of Osage City, Kansas)

Mårten and Gunilla married in 1840 in Gusnasva. They are listed under Ola and Måtta in Gusnasva for a while and then move to Mukelborg, Balkåkra the next year.

1840 Mårten and Gunilla Erlandsdotter marry in Gusnasva - Skårby (M) CI:4 (1825-1862) Image: 231 Page: 449 (v111804.b231.s449)

1841 Mårten moves family from page 189 Gusnasva to page 205 Mukelborg, Balkåkra: Balkåkra (M) AI:10 (1837-1842) Image 183 / page 189 (v108323.b183.s189)

 1841 Mårten living separately at Mukelborg, Balkåkra: Balkåkra (M) AI:10 (1837-1842) Image 199/ page 205 v108323.b199.s205

Part 1: Ola Strang Mårtensson from around Ystad (Håkansson – Hawkinson family of Osage City, Kansas)

The family tradition surrounding Håkan and his daughter, Jennie (my gr. Grandma), who settled in Osage City, Kansas in the 1860’s (Jennie) – 1901 (Håkan). My dad and his siblings always said that Grandma Jennie’s family were tailors when in Sweden. Jennie resewed Uncle Don’s old coat to make it look new again. They told the family that they worked in the summer home and had sewn clothes for the king’s children. We had no proof of a connection to a “castle” until Fall 2015 when I found Mårten on the household records living away from his family on the grounds of Marsvinsholm Castle. Now there are 3 generations that have been found at either Rydsgård or Marsvinsholm. Sometimes the whole family is shown living there and sometimes just one is and the rest of the family is somewhere else. Ola, Mårten, and Håkan are listed as tailors in some of the records. I'm not sure how to research the claim of sewing for the king's children but the story is a bit closer to what the records say so I'm not ruling it out!

1.      Ohla – Ola – Strang – Mårtensson. This family lived around Ystad.
1815 Ola and Måtta are married in Blentarp: Blentarp (M) CI:3 (1776-1816) Image 2670 / page 518 (v108589a.b2670.s518)

1816 Mårten born to Ola and Måtta in Blentarp: Blentarp (M) CI:3 (1776-1816) Image 2770 / page 538  (v108589a.b2770.s538)