Monday, July 1, 2013

Finding the Time and Space - Motivation Monday

This week is my "deep summer" week. I know it's summer and hot outside but, in my mind, this mid-week of summer (5 out of 9) feels cool, calm, and refreshing.

You see, I'm a teacher, and my summer months are very different than my winter months.

Much of my days have been filled with doing the things in my house that have waited for me all year. So far, I have painted two rooms and turned one of those into an office - for ME! I'm working on the rest of the house also, but my office is where I want to be. There is plenty to do in here! I have spent hours filing, sorting, and scanning.

I've been blessed with a large collection of old pictures of ancestors, along with letters, documents, and artifacts. I'm very grateful for it all but, I also feel the pressure of responsibility, as the family genealogist, to keep it safe and honor it with some attention.

Now that I have a spot, I am motivated to begin setting down goals for future work in my new space!

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  1. Happy Blogiversary! For a minute i thought I was looking at my blog. lol! Maybe we should follow each other.

    Regards, Grant