Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday's Tip - Don't Forget the Actual Names on the Picture!

This post is too late to help the poor mystery people in the picture below but, you can keep something just as terrible from happening to your family, simply by following my advice!
When labeling your pictures, it is always best to include actual names in the description. Just using clever words won't be enough. Images need actual names in order to be useful to anyone but yourself! Do you see these happy people smiling from this picture? Little did they know, at the time, that they would become part of a mystery and their names would be lost to the world. Let's see what caused this catastrophe!
I have to give the writer of the description kudos. He really tried but for all that effort, he completely missed the point of writing a description and they will forever remain nameless to me.
I came across this picture when sorting photos from Uncle Reuben's envelopes into stacks of family and friends. When I came to this picture, I turned it over and saw a long description on the back. It seemed like I would get a quick answer as to who their identities; that is until I began reading...

  Bottom Row - left to right
Youngest & Eldest daughter and
Mae who never aged a year since

   Top Row Right to Left
son and yours truly

The rest - daughter and sons in laws and their childrens - dog included

How many names did YOU read? I counted one, unless you count "Yours Truly."
I'm hoping these are friends of Reuben and Marge, or possibly Marge's family and not someone I should have on my family tree chart. Until I have asked the people who might know them, this picture will live in my "?" box. The writer must have put much effort talking about so many people while giving away no identities, except for his wife, Mae!


  1. As I do research, I have discovered I...
    do not like nicknames
    would prefer people use first names and not middle
    do not appreciate the clever labels
    wish people would be more accurate with headstones and obituaries!

  2. I agree on all accounts, Lori! It's so confusing! It happens in letters, also. I don't like initials either. Especially single initials! We are SO picky! :)