Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sentimental Sunday - Trip to the Homestead of Arthur T. Johnson

Sun screen, long pants, old shoes, long socks, camera...
That's right! It's summer and time to climb over barbed-wire fences and explore the old homesteads! 

Our first stop of the day was my paternal grandparents' barn, just to the northwest of McPherson, Kansas - all that's left of the farm that I spent much of my childhood exploring.

My cousin and I prepared for hiking through freshly cut wheat fields. After a discussion about which path had the least poison ivy, we stepped through the Osage Orange trees that form the hedge around the land.

The barn looks south from a grove of trees that have grown up around it. I walked to about where the old farmhouse would have stood. It is in good condition with no signs of caving in.

I wonder how old the red paint on the siding is. I was hoping there would be a little piece of the barn laying around but most of it is still intact. 

What I remember about most about this barn is the smell of oats coming from the little rooms with the wooden latches (still there!)

As we stood in the doorway, there was a sudden noise from above and out swooped a large barn owl - white with gray spots - from the door of the loft. It flew a few inches above our heads, close enough to feel the breeze from its large wings, and out the door of the barn. It was a nice surprise!

I'm thankful that this barn is still standing. My sisters, cousins and I spent many hours playing in it as children (1960's) and our parents (1930's), most likely, before us.


  1. I like doing this in late fall after all the extra shrubbery & foliage has died back. After the first frost and the insects are waning.
    Have fun,
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  2. I see according to Geneabloggers, it's your third year anniversary you've been blogging about genealogy. Happy Blogiversary.

    Regards, Jim
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