Thursday, May 31, 2012

Those Places Thursday - A Window into the Past

Memorial weekend I headed for the country and my aunt and uncle's farm near McPherson. While I was there, we took a drive to two homesteads; the first, that of my great, great grandparents and the childhood home of my great grandmother Ida Matilda and the homestead that belonged to my great grandfather, John Johnson, who lived to the south of them.Ida's home was the one she lived in after her family migrated from Sweden when she was 5 years old. We could drive right up to that house which is still occupied by a cousin. 

The house needs quite a bit of work but I can imagine what it was like as Ida was growing up. Jonas' barn is in disrepair but looks wonderful and interesting standing there on the Kansas prairie. 

The other homestead, built by John Johnson (Ida's future husband) is close by but much harder to see. The trees have grown up around it and all I could see was the the roof and second story. That is a project for another time, possibly this summer. I wasn't dressed for barbed wire, tall grass and pests that I might meet on my way. 
When John came to Kansas from Sweden and settled in the New Gottland area, there were not many women nearby to marry.  He solved that problem by waiting for a wife to grow up and when Ida turned 17, they married.

This window looks south toward great grandpa, John Johnson's, homestead. Great grandma Ida Matilda would have been able to see the land and home of her neighbor and future husband, John, from here.

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  1. It sounds like it was an interesting trip. I liked your blog. Beth found it for me. Some of the information I did not know. I am enjoying having Meridith and Kyle here. Beth and Catherine are both coming today.