Sunday, June 19, 2011

Is he in this one?

His is my dad, Earl Johnson, at about 5 or 6. I do have a few other pictures of him but I do mean "a few." Once he got his first camera, he seemed to always be in the background taking pictures. That is bad for my picture collection because I have to really hunt for him and also good for my collection because I have lots of pictures of other family members on both sides of the family. He also remembers who the people in the pictures are because he was there.
Some neighbors gave them this Jersey calf and it became their pet until it grew up and Grandpa sold it with some other cattle.

He is a great dad and the victim of many hours of questions from his genealogist daughter. Something tells me (his long answers) that he enjoys answering my questions. Every time I talk to him I hear something I have never heard before.  Happy Father's Day!                   

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