Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Snowy Day!

I think it was a Sunday in January, somewhere in the 1960's. My friend, Francine, had been to church with us when the snow started. Snow fell through the afternoon while we had fun at my house. By the time Francine was supposed to be home, the snow was "too deep" to make the trip across the field, Pleasant Valley Jr. High schoolyard, behind the tennis court and down a block to her house. Of course, our parents had cars that might have made it through at that time, but it was more fun to be snowed in. By the next morning there was a foot or more of snow on the ground. School was canceled that day and then the next. I wish I remembered what we did with our time but the memories are not there. I imagine we played with our troll dolls. We probably read for a while and I'm sure we played in the snow. It was atleast three days before school was back in session and Francine was back at home. Snow days are fun. They are even more fun with a friend.
Dad wasn't so lucky. He was an estimator for Eby Construction Company with a big job to bid on Monday morning. It wasn't too difficult for a construction company to plow a five mile path from the office to our house AND clear our driveway so he could get to work. That is exactly what Mr. Eby ordered that morning. Lucky for us that path didn't lead past Francine's house!
I'm sitting here at home many years later after reading an email canceling school for Wichita tomorrow; the fifth snow day this year! I have a lot of work I could do in my office at school but I'm kind of thankful that the district hasn't started plowing paths to our doors and has granted us a snow day.
NOW... Let it SNOW!

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